digital talons

1. prime - push back your cuticles, gently buff your nails and give 'em a wipe with rubbing alcohol and spread glue on the underside of the press-on.

2. press - apply at an angle to get the very bottom edge of the press-on under your cuticle. Press and hold in place for 5 seconds to banish any air bubbles and allow it to set.

3. prepare - use your digital bag to carry extra nails and tools with you so you can make quick fixes as needed to keep your nails on point.

expect subtle differences between sets since each and every Digital Press-on is unique and hand-painted by digital.yyc

talon removal

1. soak your digits in a bowl with hot water, nail polish remover, and oil mix.

2. take your cuticle pusher and gently wedge it between your natural nails and press-ons. Start from the outside edges and work your way in.

3. feeling a bit of resistance? Don't sweat it, just soak a bit longer and add more nail polish remover to loosen up that glue.

4. once you've said goodbye to those press-ons. It's time to buff away any leftover glue with our 4-sided buffer block. 

cuticle oil

1. twist the end to get the cuticle oil into the brush.

2. brush the oil onto your cuticles and massage in with your digits.

3. admire your handiwork. 

buffer block 

1. the black side is the grittiest, perfect for shaping or buffing any excess glue off the surface of your nails. stick with this side until the ridges and/or glue are totally gone.

2. the grey side smooths out any imperfections on your nails surface. you're going to want to use a decent amount of pressure since the block will absorb some of the pressure.

3. the white sides are for polishing, perfecting, and prepping your precious digits for cuticle care.